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Molina: Ferrari’s learning curve with 499P still ‘long’

Phil Oakley

Miguel Molina believes Ferrari is still learning about the 499P in its second year of competition, with the Spanish driver telling The Racing Line about the Italian manufacturer’s learning curve with the car.

“Well, as I always say, I think our learning curve is still a long way to go,” said the Spaniard.

“Every time we are on track or we do testing or the simulator, we are learning a lot of stuff.

“We’re still young in this Championship with these kinds of cars. We are working a lot even between races or, during the race week. We are always giving the maximum of our potential. 

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"This is something that we we really want to do, like pushing all the time to try to, to see where our level is to to, to perform.

“In Imola, it was really good. That means that we did a good progression since since Qatar, and we will try to replicate here. 

“So the aim is always to be at the front of the field, and to be on the podium and to win races.”

Ferrari were strong at Imola with good, field-leading pace. One factor there was the use of kerbs, Molina said.

“Well for sure, in Imola, one of the positive things for us is that we can use the kerbs quite well. And this was positive in Imola. Maybe it was a slow speed track, but it compensated with that. And here with the high speed bonus, I think it's good for us.”

Ferrari could use Imola's infamous kerbs more than others, giving them an edge on pace. Image: Julien Delfosse / DPPI

In addition to kerb usage, and as Molina mentioned, the Prancing Horse also knows that the 499P does well on high speed tracks – like Spa.

“We know that our car suits high speed tracks quite well. That’s clear. And we performed well here last year. 

I think we have to carry on with the same progression that we are doing. We always give the 100% of what we have. And this shows that in Imola, the three Ferraris were were really competitive. Here, we try to do the same.

But probably Spa, Le Mans for sure, suit us a bit better, because of the high speed corners and with the average lap time or speed.” 

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